Control Risc is one of the few companies that offer Risk Management to shipment and transportation companies. It is a strategic study involving routes, timetables, roads, stops, data research of driver, cargo, vehicle, places of departure and arrival, that is, all variables concerning the departure and arrival of a truck and its cargo.

Another extremely important service we offer is the training of the client company’s drivers. We explain all the features of the equipment and the emergency procedures. In addition to the driver’s training, Control Risc’s Risk Management also commits to create and install all the strategic security plan, with 24 hour daily vehicle monitoring, following every kilometer that the vehicle covers.

What’s more, by monitoring the vehicles Control Risc is able to receive any alert sign as an unscheduled stop, disconnection of the cargo compartment in na incorrect place or the pushing of the panic button and totally block the vehicle and mobilize the closest support team around.

Operational stages of Control Risc’s Risk Management

Route Designing: Development of the best route using support points, delivery places, stops and service stations.

Implementation: Training the drivers to use the equipment and procedures with the Control Risc monitoring center.

Beginning: Sending the trip information to the Control Risc center and the information about the route. From then on, Control Risc will be monitoring your truck and cargo.

Control Risc Information Center: Federal-level data bank, with all police departments, Road Police Stations, Military Police and Robbery-Fighting Units. We deal with the concerned organs so as to garantee the efficiency of the emergency procedures.

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